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Digital Series | 'Make Data Your Bitch' at Sarabande Foundation 15.11.18

sarabande make data your bitch

Data really isn't as scary as it sounds, so let's stop shying away from it and instead, take control.


'Make Data Your Bitch' will involve fiery discussions around data usage and applications with a focus on the product, marketing and experience strategy. The evening will be moderated by Holition's Chief Futurist and Affiliate Professor Karinna Nobbs, who will be in discussion with Gavin Williams, Farfetch’s Director of Product for the Store of the Future, Hannah Craik, Global Head of Brand Marketing at ASOS, Joe Berry, Senior Data Scientist and Product of Evangelist at Edited, and Jessica Graves, the Founder and Product Scientist at Sefleuria. The debate will debunk data and inspire individuals to understand its potential to influence behaviour and de-risk decision making and enhance creativity.


Doors open at 7pm for cocktails, talk begins at 7.30pm. Get your tickets here


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