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Sounds Like Holition: Our Pick ’n’ Mix Spotify Hub

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The Humans of Holition are an eclectic bunch. We come from all around the world, celebrate all walks of life and often compare ourselves to a sly black panther.


Our part ‘think tank’ part ‘digital studio’ is a synthesis of retail experts, scientists, film-makers, artists, mathematicians, UX designers, technologists and other curious minds, united by a digitally empathetic approach to consumer experience and our merely religious commitment to the nearby pub. Although, aside from our family-style culture and record-breaking employee retention rate, one thing our thirty-six employees have trouble agreeing on is music.


So instead of producing homogenous playlists, in a non-traditional Holition fashion, we’ve put together a ‘pick ’n’ mix’ music hub. Like a news site, our tastes are curated by chronology, but choosing what you’re interested in is entirely elective — and trust us, we’ve got a little bit of everything on there.


Whether you’re into ‘Jesus Built My Hotrod’, a smidgen of Jack White or Anjunadeep mixes, go crazy, make your ears dance:

Sounds Like Holition

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