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Bourjois | World's First Blended Reality Magic Mirror

Paris, 2018

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01. Challenge - 'Put the Analog Back into Digital'


Coty cosmetics brand, Bourjois, enlisted Holition to build a bespoke magic mirror for the launch of their newly refurbished store in Paris. After several months of academic stakeholder and consumer research and analysis, Holition ideated a 'blended reality' magic mirror, that combined Perch Interactive's technology with Holition's FACE by Holition™ facial recognition technology to produce a never before seen experience that connects AR makeup try-on to physical product.


bourjois 0b

The Bourjois x Holition x Perch Blended Reality Magic Mirror is Live!

bourjois 5

The new virtual

try-on mirror combines digital AR technology with in-store

habits designed

to deliver a 360° beauty experience

-Cosmetics Business


02. Solution - Let's Get Phygital


In the blended reality Magic Mirror, a chosen lipstick color virtually appears on their lips when a shopper picks up a physical lipstick. This removes barriers of traditional virtual makeup experiences, where shoppers can only engage with products in a virtual setting. In addition to product discovery, the Bourjois Beauty Mirror also has a polaroid selfie function. Equipped with three playful filter effects, the polaroid, inscribed with details of the products they are wearing, can then be emailed and printed in store to reinforce the importance of physical and digital association. With the ability to complete the experience in under thirty seconds and the facilities to dive deeper, the magic mirror appeals to all levels of consumers through intrigue, excitement and education.

bourjois 1c

bourjois 3c


03. Insight - A Mirror That Enhances Natural Behaviours


From the Financial Times to Cosmetics Business, the launch of our Bourjois Magic Mirror attracted the attention of cross-industry audiences, across the globe - one description of the mirror being, “Reinventing the beauty experience through purposeful and personalised innovation." Coined as the 'Blended Reality' mirror, the Bourjois Magic Mirror was the first of its kind to combine physical products with virtual makeup try-on, leading a revolution for in-store experiences.


Additionally, as part of a follow-up research initiative from Holition, we discovered that the mirror was not only a commercial success, but discovered many meaningful insights around consumer behaviour. We found that by putting the physical product in shoppers’ hands, purchase intentions of the product were increased, creating a seamless path to purchase; and as well as increasing consumer confidence and purchase intent, 72% of consumers surveyed said they want an in-store beauty experience to be a mixture of both physical and digital elements in order to make it feel more real and believable.

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Bourjois Facebook AR Filter

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