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Helen Storey | Neurogenesis Interactive Exhibition

London, 2018

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Concept Development

0.1 Challenge - Marrying Neuroscience and Fashion

Working with sisters Kate and Helen Storey, Holition was asked to join their research exploration as a collaborator to produce an interactive exhibition that would convey how our nervous systems form. The overall aim of the installation was to provoke conversation around what happens when we can no longer make new nerve cells, or new memories, a process occurs in dementia, an issue close to the sisters hearts.


“The work illuminates the cellular basis of the forming nervous system and invites juxtaposition of  understanding of this with our lived experience of the functions it underlines.”

- Developmental biologist, Kate Storey

0.2 Solution - Creating A Meaningful Link

Holition deployed motion-tracking technology to establish and intimate relationship between the viewer and key steps that advance neurogenesis. Helen’s dress, in a continuing process of degeneration, was snagged across tree branches to form a stark shadow, which provided the backdrop for film projection.

Holition then projected a movie that was generated in Kate’s laboratory, unravelling the process of cells becoming neurons. Reliant on a human presence, the interactive installation used the viewer’s position as a trigger to activate the revealing of the next stage in neuron generation. The work’s responsiveness to the viewer’s presence then facilitated a greater understanding of the neural development process.

neurogenesis 04

neurogenesis 03

Neurogenesis | Work In Progress (Letting Go)

0.3 Insights - Beginning a New Conversation

The powerful installation was unveiled in Dundee, Scotland, supported by Wellcome Trust and LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery at the University of Dundee. The project initiated a new conversation about the effects of dimentia on a personal and collective level.

"Neurogenesis is another example of Helen and Kate’s innate ability to communicate important scientific discovery in an artistic and empathetic manner, thereby helpingus to further understand what it means to be human."

- Jonathan Chippindale, Holition CEO

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