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London Fashion Week | Data Visualisation

London, 2018

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Concept Development


01. Challenge - Make London Fashion Week relevant to the masses


A multidisciplinary collaboration between the British Fashion Council, Google, Holition, Condé Nast, Vogue and Pulsar, the aim of the project was to create a the data visualisation that engaged audiences from both in and outside of the fashion industry. This project provided a perfect platform for Holition’s annual Summer Internship Programme initiative, enlisting students from around the globe from varied working backgrounds to bring the brief to life.


Blossoming Fashion Conversation





"The main topics that are visualised paint a socio-

cultural picture of what London Fashion Week has to offer."


02. Solution - Blossoming Fashion Conversation


Drawing from Haeckel’s Tree of Life, the visualisation aims to highlight the ebbing and flowing of the fashion industry, conversation, brands and how the idea came to be in the first place.


Data was sourced from social (keywords and hashtags on social platforms, blogs and forums) and press platforms Vogue.com and Harper’s Bazaar, linked by time and subject matter: London Fashion Week. The two data sources formed two parts of the diagram. The roots, showcased the reach of London Fashion week-related articles on Vogue.com, split by global region and the branches displayed social media mentions and impressions gained per day over 19 days, sourced and aggregated from the three previous London Fashion weeks.


The main topics that are visualised paint a socio-cultural picture of what London Fashion Week has to offer. The topics covered include sustainability, model health, the luxury and streetwear climates, global business, ‘Made in Britain’, diversity in the industry and overall innovation. The Pulsar social listening tool was used to scrape data online, whilst openframeworks was used to create the visualisation itself.



bfc1 01

bfc 03

bfc 02



03. Insight - Casting a Wide Net


The data visualisation was shown at 180 Strand during London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week festival (14-24 Sept 2018) and is also being shown on the website permanently; and with a total 207,499,300 media impressions, the project produced an invaluable social echo, as well as gaining coverage in WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, UK Fashion Network, The Current, Medium and more.

“Holition has helped portray the BFC's core values, using data to validate them and an artistic visualisation to illustrate them.”


- Jonathan Chippindale, CEO, Holition