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Made In Code : Reimagining the Experience of Fashion

V&A Museum, March 2023

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01. Challenge - Understanding Fashion's Power to Transform.


The Business of Fashion, Textiles & Technology, led by Professor Jane Harris, Chair of Digital Design and Innovation, at the University of the Arts London, sought Holition's User Experience and Creative services for a state of the art creative and technical collaboration at the Victoria & Albert Museum, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in March 2023.


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02. Solution - Reimagining the Experience of Fashion.


Working with project collaborators such as the University of the Arts London, Victoria and Albert Museum, University College London, British fashion designer, Maria Grachvogel, Numerion Software, Happy Finish, and Move AI, the Made in Code exhibition showcases the potential of digital media in fashion, performance, film, games, archives and cultural contexts.


Holition's User Experience and Creative teams provided strategic guidance on the exhibition's creative identity and exhibition design through the V&A, including the messaging design and development for the exhibition's microsite and the V&A Museum's iPad Welcome App. Made in Code invites to participate in a groundbreaking artwork merging high fashion and technology.



Within the experience, visitors can interact with fabrics using motion capture and real-time garment simulation to create a personalised virtual garment by British fashion designer, Maria Grachvogel. Each visitor receives a unique code that allows them to send their personalised garment into the exhibition space as part of the collective showpiece.


The exhibition concluded with a half-day symposium at the V&A featuring industry experts, practitioners, and scholars from across the creative and technological industries, exploring the relationship between fashion and digital media. The symposium sought to highlight the importance of blending creative and technical skills in order to develop truly innovative fashion experiences and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the process behind the installation.


Among the panellists were: Susanne Kuechler - UCL Anthropology, Sarah Ellis - Royal Shakespeare Company, Jonathan Chippendale - Holition, Jade How, - Lockwood Games, Joanna Norman - V&A, Mike King - Numerion Software, Andrew Chitty - UKRI, Innovate UK, and Challenge Director for CoStar.


03. Insight - Exploring the Fabric of Human Emotion.


Made in Code uses advanced technologies such as motion capture, garment simulation, and real-time 3D rendering to allow individuals to explore their emotions and express themselves through fashion against the backdrop of collective experiences.


"The Fabric of Human Emotion."