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MYR Anemoi

Sarabande Foundation, 2023

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01. The Challenge - Harnessing Creative Technology for Multi-Sensorial Storytelling


In 2006 Lee Alexander McQueen CBE established Sarabande, named after the SS07 show, a charitable foundation with the ambition to support the most creatively fearless minds of the future. To date, Sarabande has nurtured more than 85 artists and designers, and supported tens of thousands more through a pioneering public programme of events.


The Sarabande Foundation approached Holition in Spring 2023 to explore the role of creative technology in performance art in line with their exhibition entitled MYR Anemoi featuring artists, Isabel Castro Jung and Urte Janus.

proj sf

proj sf3

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02. The Solution - A Multi-Sensory Performance Exploring Nomadism and the Concept of Time

MYR Anemoi is a collaboration between artists Isabel Castro Jung and Urte Janus. The performance brings together different artists' practices, including wearable sculpture, video projections and live music by Atsuko Kamura, Manuel Calvo and Noah Berrie.


At the centre of the performance lies a textile sculpture created by Isabel Castro-Jung. Crafted in the shape of a dress and meticulously fashioned from sailing cloth, the sculpture symbolises the wind energy of a sail, evoking the essence of nomadism, migration, and travel. As Castro Jung animates this versatile piece during the performance, an inhabited landscape, both strange and unknown, unfolds in an abstract narrative. The fluidity of the shifting shapes embodies the passage of time, and movement encounters obstacles and challenges that encourage our inherent need to adapt to new environments.


sf dress

Janus' projections enrich the performance, by visually depicting the central themes in her work. Her new films explore ideas of impermanence and time through chemical reactions. Venturing beyond human timelines and timescales, Janus delves into the concept of MYR, derived from the geological term 'million years'. Through the use of acids, salts, prehistoric rocks, metals and traces of meteorite dust she reflects on the passage of time, extending far beyond the human lifespan.

SF gif

sf gif reactions

The sensory impact of the performance is amplified by Holition, pioneering the integration of the dress through live projection mapping and animation. Providing a mesmerising interplay of simultaneous time scales are compositions and musical improvisations by singer Atsuko Kamura, artist Manuel Calvo, and sound artist Noah Berrie.

sf dancing

proj sf1

Sarabande X Holition

An Enigmatic Multi-Sensory Performance.