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Rimmel | Rite Aid Beauty Stations

USA | 2019

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01. Challenge - A high quality makeup try-on experience to be scaled in 70 stores across the country 

Long-term partners Coty and Rimmel comissioned Holition to design, develop and deploy the first hyper-scalable AR try-on stations to be available to Rite Aid stores customers across the USA. 

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02. Solution - A frictionless and playful user interface that captures the spirit of Rimmel

The Rimmel Rite Aid augmented reality mirrors provide a quick and easy experience, aiding in hygienic concerns and lack of try-before-you-buy. The virtual try-on also addresses consumer pain points surrounding choice paralysis, thereby positively contributing to a consumer’s purchase intentions. Powered by FACE by Holition™, our self-originated and patented technology, the augmented reality mirrors use artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to track and measure 82 points on the face, ensuring a hyper-realistic, accurate, and beautiful makeup rendering or visualisation.


From subtle to bold looks, store goers could explore Rimmel’s different makeup collections - from eyeshadow palettes to lip colours. Store goers also benefit from gaining information about the products during the experience.


03. Insight - Adding a new edge to every woman's looks


The augmented reality magic mirrors provide a new edge to beauty through a personalised, realistic, and playful experience that successfully communicates Rimmel’s brand goals of innovating to re-shape convention, create new looks, and to give their customers the tools to explore new versions of their desired look.

"It’s about enhancing the consumer experience"


- Montse Passolas, Rimmel’s VP of Global Marketing

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