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of Holition

Holition is an award-winning digital retail agency that shapes the future of consumer experiences in fashion and beauty industries by humanising technology. Part think-tank, part digital studio, Holition is a synthesis of retail experts, scientists, film-makers, artists, mathematicians, UX designers, technologists and other curious minds applying their cross-discipline knowledge to deliver innovation.

Holition’s 42 person team spans 22 nationalities, 53 topics of study and 42 languages. Meet the Humans of Holition.

The Team

The Creative team combine analogue and digital design practices to navigate every creative challenge. Aggregating visual and academic research and leveraging their multidisciplinary skills, the team generate distinctly original concepts and design outcomes.

Our in-house Development team drive the end-to-end technical exploration and progression of Holition. Researching, building and deploying emerging technologies, the team carry out technical R&D, software and hardware development and deployments across every platform.

Our Story

Holition started in 2007, in the pre-digital haze before Twitter and the iPhone, and when Facebook had a mere 1.2 million users.

It began as a desire to understand the future role of digital within a luxury, fashion and beauty industry then more predicated towards the physical than the digital world of online, mobile and experiential.  In an industry fixated on the weight of the Rolex, or the stitchery in the Birkin bag, digital was viewed as being too impersonal and superficial to communicate all the values then inherent in luxury, namely history and provenance, design and craftsmanship, product and service.

The quest to explore quickly led to experimentation with a variety of technologies, each project categorised by a desire to design digital solutions that explore specific aspects of a brand’s personality.  Technology is often accused of being a ‘solution looking for a problem to solve’.  Holition’s approach has always been to first think strategically and then creatively and only then to consider a technology solution – working in this way, the right technology typically self-selects itself, rather than driving the approach from the start.

Initially working with augmented reality, for brands such as Tissot and Tag Heuer, De Beers and Cartier, Uniqlo and Vans, Holition became increasingly interested with the more creative, less rational, use of technology as well as the relationship between that technology and the consumer.  Working with brands including Dunhill, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Hermes, this methodology has allowed Holition to explore how digital can enhance the physical space, providing new channels and platforms for brands to tell their stories.

More recently, Holition continues to experiment with the combinatory aspect of digital, bringing together multiple technologies, especially AI, to trigger exponential impact. To ensure a constant laser-focus on the future direction of retail, Holition works with a range of luxury brands acting as an innovation consultant.