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De Beers | 3D Display Window

New York City, 2014

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Concept Development

01. Challenge - Reinvent the Window Display

To celebrate 120 years of exquisite craftsmanship in diamond jewellery Holition created a bespoke stereoscopic 3D film that captured the wonder and beauty of De Beers jewellery at the world-famous Isetan department store in Tokyo. 

3D technology arrives at De Beers Jewellers

"Window displays suddenly served a new purpose."

02. Solution - Holograms Go Luxury


The 3D film was shown on ground-breaking customised alioscopy screens which did not require the viewer to wear special glasses and allowed the finest details of De Beers’ delicate and stunning jewellery to be seen in full 3D.

debeers 03

debeers 04

debeers 05

03. Insight - A Global Expansion 


Following its success De Beers commissioned a longer film which was shown simultaneously on London’s Bond Street and New York’s Fifth Avenue.

debeers 07

debeers 06

debeers 08