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Frederic Malle | Editions de Frederic Malle Parfums

USA, EU, UK, Online, October 2021

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01. The Challenge - Creating a Strong Association between Perfume Selection and Self-Identity


Luxury fragrance house, Frederic Malle commissioned Holition to create an online Fragrance Finder in October 2021, to be deployed as a standalone website in key markets in France and the USA.

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02. The Solution - Perfumes that Match your Personality


The Fragrance Finder presents a new approach to the way users discover and select perfumes. Created in line with Frédéric Malle’s vision of channelling personality archetypes, the Fragrance Finder invites users to participate in an interactive quiz by looking at the way people dress and the different objects they surround themselves with.


To visualise these archetypes, Frédéric Malle tapped Greek visual artist, Konstantin Kakanias to create hand-drawn illustrations featuring different style preferences - from varying outfits, hairstyles, and choice of accessories and footwear, to the user’s favourite ride, and places where they might wear perfume.


The Fragrance Finder then generates an animated user profile that captures the user’s individual personality and a subsequent product recommendation from the Editions de Parfums range.


The result was an engaging and interactive experience, which evoked a spectrum of emotions from users, by allowing each one to express their fantasies and individuality.

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Find Your Perfume At Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

03. Insight - An Intimate and Personal Experience


Choosing a perfume is often a complex journey. Users often want to find something that suits and reflects their personality, but it can be tricky to know where to start. 


Going beyond fragrance types and notes, the Editions de Parfums Fragrance Finder instead harnesses advanced personalisation and diagnostic engines and unique lifestyle data to allow each user to discover their most personal scent, based on their own identity and personality.



''Perfume is the mirror of your soul.''

- Frédéric Malle