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La Mer | Great Gifting Dash

Gamification, November 2023

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01. Challenge - Increase Gifting & Purchase Intent Through Gamification.


La Mer have commissioned Holition to design and build an engaging omnichannel digital game, accessible across multiple touchpoints (paid, organic, ecommerce, events, at counter) to spark joy and bring to life their 2023 Holiday Campaign including the La Mer Atelier and Gift Attendant character.


02. Solution : The Atelier of Wonder’s Great Gifting Dash.


To increase consumer engagement and drive traffic via La Mer’s various channels, Holition created The Atelier of Wonder’s Great Gifting Dash. The digital game encourages product discovery by creating an interactive experience, where users to collect the various elements that make up La Mer's luxurious gifts, and can then explore the holiday gift guides, redeem samples, and join the Waves de La Mer loyalty program via the brand site.




Holition | La Mer Great Gifting Dash

 Exploring La Mer Atelier Attendant game poses.


03. The Insight: Leveraging Creative Technologies to Bring the La Mer Atelier to Life.


The Atelier of Wonder's Great Gifting Dash is a unique approach to boosting consumer engagement through gamification. Through creative design and gamified technologies, the experience is a step towards introducing new user interactions that encourage La Mer’s audience to discover and shop for La Mer gifts by traversing different virtual worlds.



A World of Wonder.