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Holition Talks: Brands & The Metaverse

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Introducing an all-new HOLITION TALKS: CEO SERIES, where we are bringing together influential thought leaders and pioneers in the world of luxury, fashion, retail, beauty, and art for an insightful conversation with Holition's Chief Executive Jonathan Chippindale on the future of retail.⁠


From Mark Zuckerburg renaming its parent company to Meta, to renowned luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana’s record-breaking $6M sold-out virtual fashion collection, and Gucci’s virtual two-week art installation inside the virtual gaming platform, Roblox, the Metaverse is slowly gaining recognition as the next iteration of the mobile and Internet age.

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As the ubiquitous Metaverse continues to blur the boundaries between both the physical and virtual realms, brands are still uncertain about the impact that it can have on the consumer retail experience. Brands will have to buckle their bootstraps and prepare to dive into an entirely new realm where very little to no rules apply. 


For brands in the luxury retail space especially, whose core ethos revolves around the traditional notions of heritage and provenance, we have witnessed a certain type of reluctance or hesitation in implementing disruptive technologies, primarily due to concerns surrounding democratisation and accessibility, this then begs the question of whether the Metaverse might counter-intuitively deter brand power.


Amidst these risks, the Metaverse also brings forth new opportunities (with potentially high reward) for value creation for brands that are open to swapping tried and tested marketing strategies with truly immersive experiences that will allow consumers to innovate, co-create and curate the way that they engage with brands. 


Whether it’s through virtual story worlds, gamification, or virtual fashion and NFTs, when harnessed in the right way, the Metaverse can serve as a stepping stone for brands to reimagine their narratives and build a community centred on creating rich encounters with consumers by empowering them to personalise and shape their brand experience.

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Our next CEO Session kicks-off with Charles Hambro, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of GEEIQ - a revolutionary 'Software-as-a-Service' analytics platform and industry-defining consultancy all-in-one.


Based out of Mayfair, London, Charles and his team of experts are responsible for overseeing the metaverse strategy of some of the world's leading brands such as Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and L'Oreal, just to name a few.


With the consistent measurable quality of projects, and the immeasurable arsenal of relevant data & analytics accessible via their platform, GEEIQ has quickly but surely cemented themselves as being the go-to entity for brands wanting to successfully make their mark within the digital frontier, and with such a high demand for their expertise and the level of opaque complexity clouding the opportunities within the metaverse, GEEIQ's services are becoming somewhat exclusive."

In the first edition of the Holition Talks Virtual Panel series in 2022, discover how the global adoption of virtual experiences can change the way brands engage with consumers, and how brands can successfully capitalise on growth and engagement opportunities inside the Metaverse.


Book your tickets now: bit.ly/holitiontalksmetaverse