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Estee Lauder FA 2021 Luxury Fragrance Collection

Global, Online, In-Store, September 2021

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Concept Development


Technical Build & Deployment

01. The Challenge - Harnessing Technology to Introduce a New Collection


To launch Estée Lauder's eight new fragrances in Fall 2021, the brand engaged Holition to develop an interactive web-based Fragrance Finder for its Luxury Fragrance collection, along with an immersive in-store experience for over 30 global markets.

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02. The Solution -  Fragrance Discovery through a Sensory Portrait.


Inspired by nature’s breathtaking moments, the Estée Lauder Fragrance Finder explores fragrance discovery through the concept of synesthesia. The experience investigates users’ preferences for scent through other sensorial cues such as visual content, sound, text, colour, emotion and interpretations of space, to evoke a cerebral exploration of their personal preferences.


As the user comes to the end of their sensory exploration through the Fragrance Finder, their personalised fragrance recommendation is revealed as a sensory ‘portrait.’ Within the sensory portrait, the user can explore each fragrance’s qualities, ingredients and provenance, in relation to their individual state of mind and being.

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Estee lauder question

NEW The Luxury Collection

03. Insight -  A Sensorial Trip to Worlds Undiscovered


The Fragrance Finder created for Estée Lauder reveals product discovery through a multi-sensory experience - delivering hyper-personalised recommendations that are generated based on psychological and behavioural cues.

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"Fragrance exists in the mind,

not just in senses." - Estee Lauder