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TOMMYXMIFFY | Miffy world

Amsterdam, Milan, Dusseldorf, Online, December 2022

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01. Challenge - Immersing users inside the world of Tommy Hilfiger and Miffy


Following Tommy Hilfiger’s collaboration with multi-award-winning creative innovation studio, Holition, Tommy Hilfiger approached Holition to further explore activations through gaming and brand experiences that transcend both the physical and virtual space. 


In line with the launch of its collaboration with Miffy in December 2022, Tommy Hilfiger have asked Holition to develop a creative mobile experience that will immerse users inside the world of Tommy Hilfiger and Miffy, inspired by the brand’s strategic and creative directions. 

miffy x th

02. Solution  - Miffy world


In 2022, the World of Tommy Hilfiger is getting playful. From new store concepts and pop-ups to a refreshed brand mark, the brand continues to adapt new ideas both in the physical and virtual worlds to reach and engage new audiences.


To immerse users inside the world of Tommy Hilfiger X Miffy, Holition has created Miffy World - a gamified web-app that invites the audiences of Tommy Hilfiger and Miffy to explore and experience the brand in three core scenarios: in-store, in-city and from anywhere in the world.


The app is a point of contact, where users are able to achieve early access to product and Tommy Hilfiger’s exclusive membership programme, whilst creating an immersive and gamified shopping experience.




Available anywhere Tommy x Miffy is online, Miffy World puts play into the hands of the global audience - making online shopping more playful and fun. To excite the e-commerce shopper with an engaging mini-game ahead of access to the collection, users can access the Miffy World app and participate in the treasure hunt by finding Miffy and missing treasures through the online experience.


To reward users for joining the Tommy Hilfiger Club and for their minigame participation, users get exclusive access to the Tommy x Miffy limited collection online.

miffyilluska 14

miffyilluska 05

In-City: Find Miffy’s in your city!


To expand the reach of Tommy x Miffy, Holition also created a treasure hunt experience, which invites users to explore the world of Miffy in three core cities across Europe.


The treasure hunt includes a unique map in every city, each with its own hidden surprises to encourage users to playfully explore Miffy World and accrue rewards points to gain early access to the collection and for a chance to take home a personalised jacket from the Tommy x Miffy collection.



miffy x th



To introduce and excite in-store shoppers to explore the world of Tommy x Miffy, Holition created the Miffy World in-store experience, which invites users to find Miffy around the store through unique QR-codes around the store to learn more about the collection. 


To reward shoppers for playing in-store, each shopper is given the opportunity to win exclusive access to products and merch from the Tommy x Miffy collection.


miffy x th clues

03. Insight - An Immersion into a World of Play


Miffy World is another leap towards reimagining the retail experience. By immersing the new Tommy Hilfiger audience through gamification, Miffy World creates multiple opportunities for co-creation, play and the exploration of cities in playful and unexpected ways - drawing and engage users in both the physical and virtual worlds.


Miffy x Th gif

miffy th computermockup

Step inside the world of Miffy