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BMW | Process Projection Mapping

Paris, Seoul and Brussels, 2016

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Concept Development

01. Challenge - Shining Light on the Technical Specifications

To launch the BMW 7 series, Holition hypnotised an audience in the BMW Welt in Munich with a two minute projection-mapped installation, disclosing the story of the creative process behind the leading automotive design. BMW initially approached Holition to explore ways in which an experiential installation could communicate the unique blend of art and science exemplified by the 7 Series. What they didn't expect was a beautifully executed live projection show atop a white car, in broad daylight, which was paired with an augmented reality filter to bridge the connection between man and automobile.

BMW Projection Mapping

"BMW is bringing the engineering expertise behind the brand's luxury BMW 7 Series Sedan to life with a display using aesthetic lighting installations and storytelling."


- Campaign Live

02. Solution - Connecting the Dots

Creating an innovative visual sequence which illustrates the intricate evolution from design inception to manufacture, the visualisation took visitors on an educational journey showing the human craft involved in creating the technical blue prints and clay casting, to the machine craft involved in the engineering and build of such a luxurious and advanced car.

The second part of the creative installation leveraged Holition's advanced face-tracking technology to design an interactive augmented reality experience. The filter content was inspired by the futuristic material elements and natural curves of the BMW 7 Series and resulted in a hybrid human/car look, which provided a new perspective to browsing for your next car.





03. Insight - Engineering Expertise Goes Viral


Garnering press from the likes of Campaign, India Times, and many other automotive publishers, the installation was rolled out globally as an effective and creative means to introduce new audiences to the 7 Series.


"In this project, we have found the ideal combination of ground-breaking digital ‘luxury storytelling’ and strong aesthetic appeal."


- Claudette Pohl, BMW