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Tiffany&Co | Diamonds of Tiffany

Seoul, 2019

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01. Challenge - Storytelling depicting the Tiffany diamond's craftsmanship and beauty


For their dedicated exhibition taking place in Seoul, Korea over Summer 2019, we conceptualised, designed, and developed interactive and immersive environments that would tell the story of the famous solitaire diamond craftsmanship and outline the unique quality and beauty of the stone, whilst immersing visitors in the brand's universe.

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02. Solution 1 - Bringing the NYC craftsmen's workshop to Seoul using augmented reality


Using technology for a seamless, one-of-a-kind experience, Holition created an interactive space where visitors were immersed in the craftsmen's workshop. 


Through augmented reality, visitors peered into individual diamond artists' personal narratives, the meticulous labour behind every piece, the stories behind it, and the special moments that they have had.

tiffany 11

tiffany 13


Solution 2 - Celebrating sentiments of love in real-time through an entralling data visualisation


Millions of memories. Millions of proposals.  Love is Tiffany's DNA; and to showcase that love, a room with a 'smart' diamond bursts with messages of love, engagement, and commitments from all over the world.


Where there's a glimmer, there's a story; and this room stands to share it. Through a data visualisation guised as an enthralling giant-sized and beautifully crafted solitaire cut diamond, the piece harnessed real-time data through social listening, aggregating all messages and sentiments relating to love, engagements, and commitments all over the world.


With each scintillation and prism of light projected from the diamond, each story is revealed as the diamond collects, stores and shares each emotion, as if its only purpose is to spread love. This room is the beating heart of the exhibition, creating a truly captivating immersion inside Tiffany's DNA.


Tiffany Diamond

03. Insight - An Unforgettable Experience Inside the Brand Universe


The installation was both a commercial and emotional success, which will be scaled globally for wider execution. Through digital technologies, visitors were left with a never-before-seen immersive experience of the beautiful narratives behind the brand's Diamond Craftsmanship. 


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Diamonds of Tiffany

'Bringing Tiffany HQ in New York at DDP

made me feel I was actually there.

This exhibition is unforgettable!'