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Shell | Make The Future Gesture Installation

London, 2017

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Concept Development

01. Challenge - 'Create Technology That Teaches'

‘Learning through technology’ is at the forefront of Shell’s vision to educate people about its sustainable cars of the future. Shell was keen to use an innovative way to communicate this message and vision on the future of fuel and energy efficiencies; so as a company passionate about the interaction of human behaviour in technology, Holition was a natural choice for Shell. Tasked with developing an installation that would drive digital empathy while remaining seamless and frictionless, Holition created 'Learning Through Technology'.

Shell | Make The Future Live

02. Solution - Creating A Connection Between Man and Car

The multi-sensory experience offered an immersive experiential trip into the heart of the ‘sustainable car of the future’, where users could learn about the intricacies of Shell’s extraordinary technology, using sight and simple hand gestures. A video wall surrounded by angled mirrors reflected the cars time-after-time and, using Holition’s proprietary tracking technology, a wave of the hand could stop and turn a car around, letting the user explore and learn about the different components of the car’s technology. Another ‘wave’ and the car returned to its original state.

Participants loved being able to explore to explore the body of the car with the power of their own bodies.




03. Insight - A Commercial and Emotional Success

The installation garnered an immense amount of foot traffic from the deployments in Waterloo Station and Westfield Stratford, with participants leaving having learned something new and wearing a smile. As both a commercial and emotional success, the project continues to generate interest out of its creative combination of gesture technology and automotive design.





shell interaction 2

shell control

"Understanding how digital empathy and innovative technology can work together to help people learn"