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The Unseen | Eighth Sense Wearable Installation

London, 2014

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01. Challenge - 'Make: Brain-Powered Clothing' 


Holition partnered with IC tomorrow, an Innovate UK initiative, to join forces with multi-award winning alchemist, Lauren Bowker and her exploration house, THEUNSEEN, to develop and create EIGHTHSENSE: a colour and pattern-changing ceramic wearable sculpture, powered by human electro-magnetism. EIGHTHSENSE is the first of its kind in the world to react to human biodata and signals and was on display at Somerset House in 2012.

The Unseen | E I G H T H S E N S E

“Behind this seemingly magical technology was some seriously impressive science"

02. Solution - Driven by Science, Powered by You


Behind the piece was an EEG (electroencephalograph) headset that read brain-patterns to determine an individual's ‘aura’. The person's aura was then represented through a colour and pattern on the garment. 


As both a science and art experience, the garment installation allowed us to look into the future of clothing and wearables through real-time data, leaving a lasting impression on those who had a chance to 'wear their thoughts.'

E I G T H S E N S E Mind Control

03. Insight - Every Interaction Was Unique

Everyone who interacted with the piece was shown different patterns and colours in varying places on the garment, making the experience a treasure trove for data. A foresight into the personalised clothing of the future, the piece showcased the evolutionary capability of wearable technology.





Welcome to the future of fashion.