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Dunhill | Holographic Fashion Show

Shanghai, 2012

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01. Challenge - A New Dimension for Fashion

Holition was invited to create the world's largest holographic runway show for Alfred Dunhill. A first for the Dunhill house, the show merged fashion and 3D holographic projection, pioneering a new era of technically immersive runway.

Holition launch 3D holographic projection with Dunhill in China.



'The largest retail holographic show.'

02. Solution - Clothes That Transcend Seasons

The experience, ‘Trafalgar’, was brought to life with 64 real models, whose clothes changed according to the seasons, transporting viewers from London’s Trafalgar Square to Shanghai. Watched by over 1,000 global fashion observers and guests, the experience projected the changing seasons live into a dome-shaped hologram, creating a dramatic snow globe effect. The concept was beautifully executed through a combination of cutting-edge technology, architecture, lighting, film and music. The hugely successful campaign opened the gates for global brands to considering using emerging technology.

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Holition project with Dunhill behind the scenes

03. Insight - Emotional and Promotional Impact

The fashion show generated significant media attention from the likes of Huffington Post and Wallpaper* amassing a large volume of impressions and sales; and in terms of emotional impact, the show even brought an audience member to tears!



hero trafalgar by alfred dunhill snow globe 1

A new wave for runway.