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Hermès | Window Wonderland Interactive Displays

Global, 2017

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01. Challenge - Let's Run Away Through a Window

Holition and Hermès set out to create statement windows across global Hermès locations, playing up their direct link with the street, the locality and city. Each window was to demonstrate the creative diversity of Hermès window displays throughout the world, while sharing a common message: create a dialogue with the pedestrian through windows displays, with the use of digital interactive techniques.

Hermès London

hermeswebsite 01

02. Solution - A Window As A Stage


As a global campaign across London, Milan, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Seoul, Beijing and New York, the windows provided a dream-like escape for viewers around the world. With each window came a different story, but each was threaded through the common theme of peering into an object's not so ordinary life.

London: To the moon and back! This window showcased you... as the moon. Triggered by facial recognition, this portal augmented your eyes and lips onto the surface of the moon, which, displayed in the inside of a giant astronaut's head, provided for an interstellar experience.

Milan: Powered by a physical game of hopscotch, the Milan window painted a pop-art vision, with leaping deer and magical robins.

Barcelona: A playful mountain landscape that was triggered by passersby that illuminated lights and caused snow wheels to rotate behind.

Copenhagen: Starring a modern Cinderella surrounded by fragrance fairies, the Copenhagen display dresses the princess in colours and textures inspired by the Twilly scarf.

Seoul: A hotel elevator transported viewers to random floors, exposing characterful narratives with dancing flamingos and pine-tree shaped belts.

Beijing: Put your hand up to the palm reader and get your fortune read. The Beijing window used Chinese poetry to unveil your future!

New York: The Random Cinema was a ticket for cinematic interpretations of famous vintage films that were dotted with Hermes bags and accessories.


Each window told its own story, providing a momentary escape for viewers, filled with magic and delight.


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"With each window came a different story, but each was threaded through the common theme of peering into an object's not so ordinary life."

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03. Insight - Measured in Smiles
The fantastical displays garnered coverage from the likes of The Cut and the Financial Times, as well as Harper's Bazaar Korea and Vogue Korea amongst many others. As well as PR value, the windows were well-liked by visitors, who welcomed them to the streets as they actively smiled as they passed by or joyously played with the windows. 


Art direction:

New York - Le Gentil Garçon

London - Anna Burns

Seoul - Jackson Hong, Studio SAWORL