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Tate | Tate Ecosystems

London, 2019

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Concept Development


01. Challenge - Visualising Life at the Tate


A multidisciplinary collaboration between the Tate and Holition, The Tate Ecosystem presents a microcosm of life at the Tate, both online and in the galleries.


The data visualisation was exhibited at the November edition of Tate Lates and is the output of Holition's annual Summer Internship Programme, which brought together students from all over the world to bring the project to life.


Blossoming Fashion Conversation

02. Solution - The Tate as a Living Organism


Inspired by diverse patterns and structures of natural ecosystems, two visual narratives were created to highlight the interactions within the Tate, one of the world's leading hub of international modern and contemporary art.


The first data visualisation focuses on the physical space of the Tate. Similar to the beautiful flow and movement of natural ecosystems, data was sourced to measure the movement of people within its six entry points. Each strand of the visualisation represented 10 people while the width of each cluster represented the flux of people entering the building over time.


The second visualisation harnessed online data to communicate the global engagement that the Tate attracts. Using an artistic narrative, a combination of flowers were used as the second metaphor. Each flower within the visualisation represented a month (1 petal = 1 day) of online activity within the Tate.  The length of each petal was used to communicate the number of social media impressions received by the Tate per day, while the length of the leaves represented the total monthly social engagement. Finally, the amount of bulbs within each flower was also used to represent the social media reach of the Tate within a month.

tate 11

tate 2

tate 8

tate 10

03. Insight - Visual Metaphors


The data visualisations were featured in the November 2019 edition of Tate Lates, an evening of art, music, film, drop-in workshops and pop-up talks hosted by the Tate every month. The project explored visual language and the use of different metaphors to communicate a powerful story that is both relevant and beautiful.

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