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Alexander McQueen I Savage Beauty Virtual Makeup

London, 2015

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Concept Development

01. Challenge - Democratise McQueens Iconic Work

To celebrate the artistry of Alexander McQueen at the V&A’s Alexander McQueen:Savage Beauty Exhibition, Holition immersed visitors with virtual makeup looks from McQueen’s Catwalks. The exhibition was the first ever exhibition to explore McQueen’s catwalk makeup and was unveiled at both at the V&A and at LCF’s Warpaint: Alexander McQueen and Make-Up Exhibition.

Warpaint: McQueen

Creation looks and moments that transcend time.

02. Solution - Bringing the Looks Back to Life

The create the looks, Holition’s creative team focussed in on two of the infamous designer's key shows, ‘What A Merry Go Round' A/W 2001 and ‘La Dame Bleue’ S/S 2008.

Using facial tracking and projection mapping technology, the looks were created and then combined into an iPad application, allowing users to fully experience the genius behind McQueen’s catwalk shows and try on the makeup on themselves.

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03. Insight - Building a Legacy

The virtual makeup proved to be a great mechanism to engage and educate a diverse audience about the intricacies of fashion and beauty. Hundreds of visitors including the likes of Alexa Chung tried-on a McQueen inspired looks and the app gathered press from the likes of Vogue, Forbes and more. The application also attracted the attention of influential attendees at the V&A’s Friday Late Spectacle of the Species Event.

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The magic of McQueen, reimagined.

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